The iphone 7 comes out with big improvements!

By Devin Catoni
The American multinational technology company known as Apple has done it again, they’re out with “This is 7”.

The iPhone 7, came out on September of 2016. If you’re thinking about buying the iPhone 7, take a look at some of the new features they’ve included in this device. Something that shocked most people is the camera, that’s because it now has two cameras in the back part.

Like a pair of eyes, the two cameras can capture more of the scene or the image you’re taking than before. It gathers stereoscopic data and it automatically applies a progressive blur to the background. The phone has this special feature to blur the background and it gives it a great effect of a shallow depth of field. Expensive cameras usually have this feature, like DSLR cameras. You’re definitely getting a bang for your buck!

The phone has over a dozen new features, but some of the coolest ones include the new home button, which is just a sensor. The screen is 25 percent brighter and the battery life has improved.

The new phenomenon is competing against Samsung’s new phone, Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Samsung Note 7. There is criticism on this specific brand because there have been incidents where the phones have exploded. This problem has caused many consumers to reach out for an iPhone 7 instead. The brand new phone is water and splash resistant, how great! It also came with a new software, iOS 10, a new version of the former software. Also, it has no headphone jack! You have to buy these tiny headphones called “AirPods” these are sort of a waste of money, they can be lost easily and kinda not worth it.

The new device has so much more to offer, but we would be here forever. The new device can cost anywhere between $649.00 to $900.00. Go check it out at your nearest Apple store!


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