Goofball stories: The weirdest stories in the news!

By Jason Kumprey


  1. Dinning With a set of Bones.
  2. Walls Separating a Divorce Couple
  3. Changing your name to iPhone 7 for an iPhone 7

There’s always those random stories that make it to the news, I’ve compiled a few stories for you to have a good laugh! Enjoy!

Dinning with a set of bones! 

Have you ever heard of a coffee cup infused with the ashes of dead people? Well, it’s actually real!   A man in New Mexico, Justin Crowe, thought about incorporating this idea with human ashes. Justin states, “I wanted to create a dinnerware set that infuses a sense of mortality into everyday life,.” Does that make want you to say weird or disgusting? Crowe bought around a five hundred human bones and turned them in to fine glazed powder. Now he has a company selling dinnerware made out of dead bones.

Divorced couple builds a wall inside house! 

It seems Donald Trump’s idea of building a wall inspired a couple who is getting divorced. A Russian couple thought this would help their situation.  Margareta Tsvitnenko and her husband, Sergei Tsivtnenko said, “We are going to build a wall, a really huge wall!” The wall was built in the middle of the house, leaving the man’s ex-wife unable to go to the upper floors.

Change your name to iPhone 7 and you get one for free? 

A free iPhone 7 at the price of changing your name to iPhone 7? Sounds like a good deal right! In Ukraine, Apple says if you change your name to iPhone 7,  you can literally get the new model for free.

For crazier stories, click on the link below!


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