MGA hosts the first Fall dance of the year!

By Andrea Reyes

Music! Lights! Dance! The Fall dance was a night to remember, you could feel the vibration of the beat from happy hearts. The dance floor was packed with people, and it was nearly impossible not to get pulled to the dance floor.

“It got really good when people started showing up,” said Milagros Oliva, 6th grader at Mater Gardens.

Speaking of people, there were costumes everywhere, from Harley Quinn to morph suits.

“It was more fun when elementary was here. But they played my favorite song so everything was just fine!” said by Julian Morejon.

The songs played during the dance were all new, such as “Juju on that beat” by Zayion McCall, “Side to Side” by Ariana Grande, and “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots, to name a few. Since the songs were brand new, you could hear everyone singing in sync.

“Since I had to work it was okay, but it was fun watching everyone dance,” said Jhianyn Herrera, student council member. The dance was peaceful and there was harmony in the atmosphere. The dance was complete a success!


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