Sneak peak into the dangerous life of an undercover cop

By Natalia Herrera

Edwin Diaz is a 42-year-old undercover police officer, born on October 13, 1973 and raised in Miami, Florida.  He wanted to become a police officer because he loves action, helping people, and law enforcement. He also enjoys it because he was inspired by watching the policemen’s courage when they appeared on the news.  So far he has had 18 years of helping people be safe.  Diaz says that the hardest part about beinnatalia h g an undercover police officer is the unknown.  This is the hardest part because no one knows that you are a police officer, so you always have to be aware of your surroundings. Out of all of his time as a police his favorite things to do in the job is the tactical aspect, investigating aspect, being active out on the field, with hands on experience with individuals, and putting criminals behind bars.  However, his least favorite part of the job is to be sitting behind a desk when he would rather be running around to save lives and helping people in need.

“If anyone ever tells you that they are not scared, that could be dangerous and I don’t think it is true,” Diaz said. He avoids thinking of the dangers of being a police officer by putting his fears in the back of his mind when conducting operations. He explains that if you for a split second are not focused while on a call, it could cost you your life or the lives of your teammates.

He has been shot before with a sawed-off shotgun. The shotgun bullet is a shell which contains 80-100 pellets. Diaz still has over 60 pellets in his body, but he says that is not the scariest encounter he has had.  The scariest encounter  was when he and his teammates approached a house for investigation. They encountered a few individuals, known as Sovereign Citizens, which resulted in a gun fight that lasted over 20 minutes and they had an exchange of about 400-500 rounds of bullets.  Luckily, none of officers were hurt or shot, but the two suspects were killed. Diaz advised kids who are interested in the field to “acquire as many degrees as you can.”

“You have to have it in you to become a police officer, not just anyone has the passion to become a police,” Diaz said. “I believe your career chooses you, you don’t choose the career!”



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