Magcon family reunites

By Samantha Valdes

Are you addicted to Vine or Youtube like I am? Well, if that’s the case then you should hear about the convention Magcon. There are many conventions that include Viners and Youtubers, but Magcon stands out from them all. So what makes Magcon so different? When you attend the convention you’re surrounded by cool people with great personalities and you laughable content.


 It has been two years since they’ve stopped holding the event, but fortunately that has ended and now Magcon is back at it again! When Magcon began, people like Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Mahogany Lox as the DJ, Hayes Grier and many other fantastic people were a part of it. But later on as it progressed, drama ensued and many amazing friendships broke apart.  Magcon decided to reopen again last year in November and we’re surely looking forward to what else they have for their fans. Some additional people are being added on, for instance the Dolan twins. To all the loyal fans, this is a dream come true because these amazing people are starting this spectacular Magcon family again! Well, that’s it for now till next time!


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