MGA students surveyed for the best studying tips

By: Aryanna Harris

Looking for some tips for studying? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We asked around the school and surveyed 100 Mater Garden Academy students from random grade levels to see what techniques they use to study.  Here is what MGA students came up with. It was narrowed down to the top four choices of studying.

  • Write down good notes and take notes that are important to read over at home
  • Use flash cards
  • Use practice tests
  • Read your notes and any important information repetitively

Twenty-six percent of the 100 students said they use flash cards to study. Twenty-four percent said they used the writing down method and 23 percent used practice tests as a study habit. Twenty-seven percent said they read over their notes several times.

I also created a pie chart representing the data. From my study I have concluded that the most applied studying technique was reading your notes constantly, although the results came really close. Overall, you can decide which studying tip is more effective for you. Just remember to ….  STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!


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