By Samantha Valdes

This interview is for the stingray of the month Jennah Alvarez, she became a stingray of the month by doing phenomenal in class and excelling in her academics. Here are some of the questions we asked Jennah.

Q: “What’s your advice for students on studying tips?”

A: “My advice is to study more, try harder and work towards better grades on tests,” said Alvarez.

Q: “Do you feel that people look up to you?”

A: “Maybe, but I feel people need to be their own person and should look up to themselves,” said Alvarez.

Q: “How can students become Stingrays of the month?”

A: “As long as you try hard enough any one can be stingray of the month plus I excel in my classes especially Language Arts. “

Q: “What’s your favorite subject?”

A: “My favorite subject is Language Arts and reading because it is fun and it helps you achieve better things in school.”

Congratulations to our Stingray of month. Keep up the good work and now until next time!


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