Movie review: Expelled…”Expelled, Mrs. O’Neil!”

Expelled movie review

By Samantha Valdes

“Expelled, Mrs. O’Neil.” Are you searching for movie that is exciting and thrilling, then watch “Expelled.” This movie is about a teenager named Felix who is played by celebrity Cameron Dallas. Cameron is a famous Viner and YouTuber and is extremely popular on the internet. Another famous Youtuber in the movie is Lia Marie Johnson, in real life she has her own show on Nickelodeon named “Awesomeness T.V.”  She plays a pizza delivery girl named Katie. This movie is about a teen who gets expelled from school and at first he thinks it is a good thing, but then he remembers that he has a parent meeting coming up. Felix who is in love with Katie, and Katie willingly helps him devise a plan to make sure his parents don’t find out that he got expelled.  He is trying his best to get his teacher to not come to the parent meeting so his mom doesn’t find out that he was expelled. In the end the character Felix does the unimaginable to the principal to prevent his parents from finding out. I think that this movie is a great movie and I give it five out of five stars. I loved the concept of the movie because it teaches you a moral lesson about doing the right thing. The movie is also very relatable and it’s very humorous. If you’re looking for an exciting movie with a good plot and suspense, then “Expelled” is the right movie for you. Expelled has been rated PG 13. Until next time!


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