So what’s in this new iPhone 6s ?

By Daniela Plata

So what’s in this new iPhone 6s, is there truly an upgrade?

Many of us have been anticipating the release of the iPhone 6 s and it’s finally here! But some are a little skeptical about whether there is truly any significant upgrade. Let’s begin, aesthetically, you’re not going to miss much by sticking with the iPhone 6. Both phones still offer all of the same beautiful colors like silver, space grey, and gold. However, the only new color the iPhone 6s offers now is the blooming rose gold, which most girls are excited about!

So you’re probably asking yourself, what has changed? One significant upgrade is the long battery life the new iPhone 6s has compared to the iPhone 6. The new phone can last up to about 9 hours versus 6 hours. The new iPhone 6s has a lot more memory storage, it can go up to 128 gigabytes. Who doesn’t want more space for more pictures and videos right? Speaking of pictures, the iPhone 6s introduces the company’s first 12-megapixel camera, a great improvement over the 8-megapixel the iPhone 6 carries. As for the quality, the pixels remain the same for both with 1334-by-750-pixels.

As for the price, things haven’t changed much there of course. The iPhone 6s price starts at $649 in the US. One big difference is the new 3D feature that the iPhone 6s offers. Though we’re not sure what that’s supposed to like, it’s worth checking out when you go to the store. Hope this helps and have fun convincing your parents to buy you the new iPhone 6s!



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