Youtube star gets his own MTV show

By Samantha Valdes

         The corky funny 29-year-old, Todrick Hall , makes his dreams a reality by starting his own T.V. show on M.T.V. His new hit T.V. show is about a guy who started out on youtube during the year 2008. Hall auditioned for American idol and ever since then, he’s been quite the sensation. What started off as small videos online now became a full on production and his dreams have become a reality. Thanks to a big producer who caught his eye, Hall now has his own big MTV show called “Todrick” and it airs on Mondays at 10:30 p.m. ET.

   Hall’s show is about how he creates music videos in a day despite all the challenges he goes through, like rain, mishaps with his dancers, or just plain chaos, he somehow makes it work. Hall uses everything he has to shoot his video, he shoots what he sees and makes something extraordinary. This guy is a true inspiration to all the struggling actresses and music producers.

Hall has about 800,000 followers combined with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And YouTube alone he has 1.7 million subscribers, imagine that! The show is worth watching because he starts on all of his videos, it’s original content, he’s a great singer, and has a lot of creativity. The show also has a comedic side, it’s spectacular, and it does a lot of movie references like “Sixteen Candles,” “Avatar,” and “The Hunger Games.”

I recommend the show because it shows people that dreams can come true and nothing is impossible. Don’t miss the next episode on Monday, until next time!



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