7th Graders set goals for next year!

By Alex Akouri,

Miss Fernandez, next year i’ll be an 8th grader and I have goals that I have planned to accomplish. My first goal is to be in all the sports teams next year and help all the teams sports win a championship. Also, my other goal is to get good grades. My last goal is to have good behavior next year and not get referrals or detentions. But in order for that to happen I have to behave well and work for it.

 I want to accomplish all these goals such as being in all the sports team help win a championship, get good grades, behave well and not get referrals or detentions. Accomplishing all these goals will make me proud and it will help me in my future.  My two main goals I want to accomplish is getting good grades and being in all the sports team and help win a championship for the school team sports. Achieving these goals will be very hard but I am going to try my best.

Miss Fernandez these goals are going to be hard to accomplish for next year  but I will need to work hard for them and earn it. Eighth grade will be a hard year for me but I still have to get through it and pass it. I have accomplished some of these goals in the past years but next year I will have to do better than I did the past year. I know that I will achieve these goals because I have done it before but I will do it better than I did last time.


By Rene Lucas

Mrs. Fernandez, I will be an 8th grader next year and I want to accomplish some goals. Some of my goals are to be a straight A student. Also, I want to be the best student any teacher has ever had. I want to make my family proud of me a lot more than before. I want to be a good brother to my sister and son to my mother and father. Also want to make all my teachers proud.

This school has been the best school I have ever been to and safe to because all the other school are not safe. In another school I was stabbed in the arm with a scissor when I was 5 and there was no one watching, so I am thankful for MGA’s safety priorities. Another goal of mine, would to be nice everyone and treat everyone the way I would like to be treated, with respect. Also to help everyone with their homework. As well as studying for everything that I need to know.

My main goal is to be the best son any parent could ever have. As for reading, I am going to work hard during the Summer so that I’ll be ready for 8th grade. I can also count on my grandmother who is a teacher, she will help me. This Summer I intend to read more and read with my sister as well. Those are all my goals for 8th grade and the rest of my life.


By Britney Leal,

Next year I will be attending 8th grade. So I would have to set goals. My first goal would be to try out for the football team. Why football? Well, I chose football because it makes me feel free. Running and catching or even being a quarterback sounds great. Then after I have accomplished that goal I would want to get better grades.

Getting better grades would first let me stay in football and help me get a scholarship. I’m one of those people who really does not take the advice people give me, so I learn the hard way. Getting a scholarship and going to college is a dream and if I get the good grades my dream would come true. Also I wouldn’t have intensive reading or any intensive classes. If I were to go to college,  I would be able to choose what I want to be and I find that very cool.

Also, if I get that scholarship I would get paid to go to school and that would be even better. I hear all these stories of my aunt getting paid to go to school because she got good grades and got her scholarship. She’s graduating this summer with honors and her bachelor degree and she just turned 22 years old. I would love to have that opportunity. Those are my future goals and for next year.


By: Gabriel Pineda

I am not only moving on to 8th grade, but I am also getting more mature and learning from my actions. I am focused on doing good next year. Everybody has goals and you get closer and closer to them if you’re focused one goal at a time. I have made decisions I have regretted and choices I have not regretted. In life we need to set goals, have good friends, and love your family. Every action you take will create a change to any goal you have thought of.

Like most teenagers, my passions is sports. It’s a hobby but it’s very important to me.  It could get me in a very good college. Some of my goals is to improve my grades and work towards a good future. It is very important for me to receive a good education. Most job fields require a descent education.

Another professional goal of mine is to make a good income whenever I get a job.  I am not saying that I need to be making millions, but I want enough so I can help support my family.  My job will help me buy a home, pay health insurance, and other things I need for my family. My main goal is to keep my family happy. I want them to have enough but not too much because I know people can do a lot of crazy things with too much money in their hands.


By: Breanna Muriel

Most kids over the summer barely do anything education wise. Most students just go on vacation, chill out with friends, etc., but I want to do something different for this Summer. I would still want to do all the other things the kids do over the summer, but I will be focused more on studying to improve for next year. I don’t want to forget all the things I’ve been doing the past year. I would really want to have better grades for my next school year and be able to comprehend reading. I would also want to be to understand all the subjects for my FSA’s and EOC’s.

Most people might think that I won’t accomplish my goals because I’m really lazy and often forget to do my things. But this Summer things will be quite different. I want to change the way I think over the Summer based on my education.  I want to actually take more responsibility and more priority on Reading, Civics, Math, and Science. I don’t want to put all that pressure in my head thinking that I won’t be able to pass my grades since I didn’t learn or understand the subject over the Summer.

I would also want the teachers to take it easy on us because there will be a lot of pressure going through my mind. Like prom, the Washington, D.C. Trip, graduation, High School and obviously my class. But the good thing is that I’m really good at math so I’ll be able to understand it better. I want to be the top smart person in the class and not get C’s on my grades. So this summer I’ll be studying and keep on working hard for me to do well in High School.


By Alyssa Arias

Next year is my last year at MGA and I have been there since Kindergarten. Some of my goals for eighth grade is to either get the honor roll. I’m looking forward to obtaining that because when you graduate you get a sash that says honor. Another goal is to do good in my High School credit classes because if I do I will have a high GPA when I get to High School. Another one of my goals for 8th grade is to get the most athletic title because I really want that award. I’m going to have to join a team and play in P.E. a lot but in order to get into a P.E. class, I first have to pass the FSA.  Finally, my last goal for 8th grade is to be in the National Junior Honors Society because I have always wanted to be in it. Next year I will work hard and not wait to the last minute to do things. So these are all my goals for 8th grade and I’m hoping to achieve them all.



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