Valentine’s Day School Dance

By Jahiris Jauregui

On Friday, February 13th, Mater Gardens Academy held its annual Valentine’s dance. There was music and food as well as a lot of students that attended the dance. People danced to popular songs and we also got a few throwback songs like for example the “Electric Slide,”which came on and everyone joined in, including teachers danced to the song. It was a wonderful experience to see everyone come together and get in rows to “perform” the song.

Another mesmerizing incident that happened quite frequently, in particular to the elementary valentine’s dance was that everyone sang along to their favorite songs. The crowd cheered whenever a well known song came on.

This year, the dance had a “photo booth.” You could give money to take a picture with your friends in front of a valentine’s themed background and there were some props too. In my opinion, that was a nice addition to the dance.

From what I could see, everyone had a good time and left the event very happy. Without question you can see the hard work and dedication teachers and students put to make the event happen.  On behalf of the school I would like to thank everyone that went to the dance and for making it possible.


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