MGA hosts its annual Spelling Bee competition

By Nicholas Perez,

Mater Gardens Academy hosted its annual Middle School Spelling Bee and the competition was on. This year, the competitors included, Brandon Lopez, Patricia Alfonso, Jaily Gomez, Jahiris Jauregui, Tiffany Pou, Nicole Romero, Jaycob Salas, Brandon Garcia, and Erena Lopez. Sixth grade through eighth grade participated. Some of the words included were Bona fide, Havoc, Skirmish, Irrigation, and fluctuation. The 1st eliminated were Tiffany Pou and Jaycob Salas with the word “Guffaw.” The 2nd eliminated was Brandon Lopez with the word “Squirrely.”

Jaily Gomez, Jahiris Jauregui, and Patricia Alfonso were the following students to be eliminated after misspelling the word “impugn.” The person who overcame that word was Nicole Romero, but her victory was shortly lived and she got eliminated with the word “pantomime.” It was down to the final two with Erena Lopez and Brandon Garcia. Garcia missed the word “benison,” and he came in second place. Lopez was able to spell “benison” correctly and the following word “dementia” and won first place in the Spelling Bee!

After the spelling bee I got to speak with two of the participants.

“I was so relieved after it was over because of all the pressure,” said Jahiris Jauregui.

“I’m relieved but slightly sad at losing in 4th place, I was so close,” said Jaily Gomez.

And that’s all for this year’s spelling bee, hope to see you next year!


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