Dear Principal …

Dear Mrs. Marrero,

I would like to talk to you regarding the policy on wearing black shoes. I wish you would reconsider the all black shoes policy for several reasons. For instance, I think pulling a student out of class for not having the right shoes is counter productive and cuts out time from our learning environment. Sometimes it isn’t the child’s fault and they are subject to what the parent’s purchase.

In addition, it is not very easy to find all black shoes that are comfortable for athletic wear. There are not many available choices, thus making it extremely hard to find. Also, I do not believe that wearing black shoes with a small amount of color would make much of a difference and I don’t think it is a distraction. I hope you reconsider your policy.


Nayah Martinez, 6th grade


Dear Mrs. Marrero,

This letter is to inform you and the faculty that the boy’s restrooms needs improvements and supervision. Many students are vandalizing the restroom locks on the doors and it has now become a concern for everyone who uses the stalls. We are all worried and concerned about someone accidentally opening the door in the stalls and we fear for our security. This is something that needs fixing as soon as possible so that our students feel secure when they use the restrooms.

Hopefully this letter will create awareness for the issue and for students to take care of their school instead of vandalizing it.


Kevin Ortegon, 6th grade


Dear Mrs. Marrero,

My fellow dancers and I are having issues with the portable room out in the field. Earlier this year we had an accident where someone accidentally threw a ball at the window. The window shattered and it now is a hazard when we practice after school. Now we are terrified if there is any remaining broken glass.

Aside from that we also have a problem with the air conditioner working poorly. We have to dance under very hot conditions. I just want to apply the fact that we need a dance studio. We hope you can replace the portable with a new portable and changing room for P.E. Thank you for your attention.


Jocelyn Garcia, 6th grade


Dear Mrs. Marrero,

I truly believe that our school will feel more comfortable wearing their own clothes instead of wearing uniforms. When students wear what they want to wear they dress up and express who they are. When they wear uniforms they are not able to express themselves. Also, the expenses for new uniforms increases for parents and that causes a problem for parents financially. We hope we could wear regular clothes and express who we are.

In conclusion, wearing clothes we want to wear is a way to make us students happier and more fun. We can still be an A school and have fun too.


Ivana Herdocia, 6th grade


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